How We Wear It: Spring is in the Air

Baby Laughing

This smile melts my heart, and the way she curls her little toes…oh my goodness!




One more, I couldn’t resist!


Shorts, Foreign Exchange -Top, local boutique

On Berlin: Playsuit, Splendid

On Sunday I decided to take on way too much. For some reason I think I’m Supermom and try to juggle five things at once. Not only did I want to take photos that day, but I also decided simultaneously to have friends and family over for a BBQ. So I was cleaning, preparing the food, and racing to get everything done before Berlin’s insanely early bedtime of 6:30 PM.  Sadly the only door to our back patio is through Berlin’s room, so all had to be wrapped up before the witching hour. I will proudly say I accomplished it all, but it was not without stress and some running around (and I only partly completed my outfit-but that’s how moms roll!). But it was all worth it in the end because I got some adorable shots of Berlin-she is such the perfect subject.

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  • connie damico

    love the jumpsuit, looks good on you. I wore them a lot, had a halter top one that I loved back in the 80’s. The blog is looking great!


    • Jordan Rose

      Thanks Connie! You could still rock a jumpsuit!

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