How We Wear It: Denim Jumper

Denim Jumpsuit with Backpack

Denim Jumpsuit.1Denim Jumpsuit.2

Denim Jumpsuit Closeup


Denim jumpsuit, Forever 21-Shoes, H&M

On Berlin: Playsuit, Splendid

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but I’m so looking forward to this weekend.  It’s going to be a beautiful, sunny weekend in the city and we plan to enjoy lots of family time.

So I’m totally obsessed with all things denim and jumpsuits lately, hence the denim jumper.  In all honesty I’ve always been in love with jumpsuits-of all kinds, so this really comes as no surprise.  I want to buy every jumpsuit I see lately, so plan to see lots more in the near future!

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  • I love that you paired the denim jumper with heels! Plus the color on the shoes is great. My favorite part is your necklace, it’s really pretty. I’m all about great jewelry, it can make an outfit!

  • Jordan Rose

    Thanks Ann! I do love this necklace as well, should have mentioned, its from H&M. They have great jewelry right now.

  • Jo-Anne Bartz

    I love this! I want one. How come I never find these wonderful clothes at H&M?! Was it expensive? The only trouble with jumpsuits is you have to particularily unrobe to use the john. lol But the whole outfit is gorgeous on you.

  • I love jumpers. You wear it well. xo

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