How We Wear It: Jenna and Anika


I’m happy to introduce my guest mama this month; Jenna and her sweet daughter Anika


What’s keeping you busy lately?

We are moving to New York in a few weeks, and have a lot to accomplish before we leave. Packing has been a great way to really reassess the things we are carrying around with us. It is so refreshing to give away as much as we can and downsize, we are only keeping the things we need and love. We will miss San Francisco and all the amazing people we have met here. We look forward to our next adventure…raising a toddler in New York City!

What’s the latest with your little one?

Anika is on the verge of walking, she is full of energy and loves to talk! The best part of my day is when I walk through the door and see her smiling face, she is old enough now to bounce up and down and say “Mama, Mama”! It is just the best.

What do you wish you could accomplish that you never seem to get done?

Yoga. I really miss it and hope to start practicing again-as soon as I clear away the boxes and have some floor space! I also wish I spent more time cooking healthy meals for my family. There was a time, that feels too long ago, when I explored Indian cooking, joined a CSA and experimented with new veggies and really switched up our menu. Things have become much more simplified, quick, and a bit boring to say the least. Anika and I don’t eat meat, so we are a bit limited and need some creative thinking to keep things exciting. The new challenge is to make fresh, healthy meals become fast and simple. There must be a way!!

How would you describe your fashion style?  Would you say it differs from pre-baby?

Not really. I have always admired women who exude a strong and unique sense of style. I tend not to be so exciting. My personal style has had many many incarnations, when I was pregnant I pretty much lived in black leggings, black tops, and combat boots. If I had to describe my style, I would say classic (read: black basics) with a boho, vintage, or feminine twist depending on my mood.

Is Motherhood what you thought it would be?

Motherhood is incredible. I so completely adore my daughter, and enjoy her more and more every day…I now understand why my friends have said that motherhood just gets better and better. Getting to know this little girl is so much fun! I have been so lucky to have an amazing husband to help care for her while I am at the office, it has been a balancing act that I could never have done without him!




On Jenna: Dress, D&G-Cuff, Vintage

On Anika: Shorts & Top, Chloe

I had the pleasure of working with Jenna at my last company.  She is a joy to be around, always wearing a great big smile and possessing a great attitude.

I’ll be sad to see her leave San Francisco, but she is on to great things and I’m so very happy for her!  Congrats on the new job and big move Jenna, we will miss you guys much!


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  • Love the last picture, her outfit and expression are adorable :)

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