How We Wear It: Date Night





Dress, Zara-Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs-Sunglasses, Prada

Unbelievably Ryan and I got a night out on the town-yay for us!  Sadly, its not often that we enjoy a night together, nor that I get to dress up, so this was a special evening indeed.

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  • We never get a date night that we get to dress up for either :) I love the shoes, very cute!

  • Love that dress and mildly jealous of an opportunity to wear a summer dress. Depths of winter here in Australia and it is wet and miserable at the moment. Thanks for a glimpse of summer with a beautiful outfit and those frozen summer fruits recently posted. Counting down the days till spring is here !

    • Jordan Rose

      Thanks Natalie. Today its only 50 degrees and raining-so don’t be too jealous!

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