This is a typical evening at our home.  Berlin splashing around the tub (soaking me entirely) and then rolling around on our bed for as long as I’ll allow her.  I’m pretty sure this is her favorite time of day, up until the point we try to put on her pajamas, then it becomes her least favorite time of day.

What does bathtime look like in your home?

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  • Oh my goodness. These photos are too sweet. There’s not much I love more than a freshly bathed baby!!

  • Min

    I think this is one of my favorite posts ever! Too cute.

  • Jo-Anne Bartz

    She sure does look happy! Love the pic with Ryan. Nerlin’s eyes are just twinkling. Miss you, little Queen B.

    • Jo-Anne Bartz

      Okay, that’s “Berlin” not Nerlin. Sorry. Thought I could edit.

  • This is absolutely adorable photos!!!


  • it’s so cute, how much babies love bath time :) had to laugh at the pajamas part, I guess not wanting to go to bed starts pretty early – I always thought it was an older child thing!

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