Three Years


Today Ryan and I celebrate three years of marriage…and what a journey it is has been.  So much has happened in three short years, and each event has only brought us closer together.  I never could have imagined our bond being as powerful as it is.  He gets me, and I understand him.  We allow one another to be who we are and support each others desires and hold each other up when we fall.  I am blessed to have him not as only as my partner but the father of my child.





I couldn’t be happier with the mate I chose to walk beside me in life.

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life.


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In honor of a fellow bloggers up and coming wedding (just a few days away!) I wrote up a little guest post with advice on planning for a wedding as well as my secrets to a successful marriage.  Please check out Abigail and the Future to read the post-and wish her luck on the big day!


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  • Min

    One of the best days of my life! So glad to be a part of your lives and get to watch B grow up!

  • Love these photos. Your dress is so fun!

  • Happy anniversary to you both!

    • Jordan Rose

      Thank you Lori!

  • Kate

    LOVE these photos. Such an amazing day. I love you guys to pieces. XOXOXOXOXOXO

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