Bits of Thanksgiving Weekend







Our first holiday spent in our new home.

Perfectly filled with relaxation, projects around the home and family. Berlin was beyond happy with multiple trips to the park and all the attention received by having both parents, grandparents and a puppy around doting on her.

It was a lovely week. If only it lasted longer.

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  • Hi there! so cute, I love her outfit. I made those banana-kale-quinoa bars you made, and they turned out awesome. Anyway, hi again from Socal.

    • Jordan Rose

      You did!? Oh good, I’m glad they worked out well. Hopefully you added more sugar than I did, highly recommend!

  • I love that pic of Berlin sitting in the dog bed haha! Congrats again on the new house :)

    • Jordan Rose

      Thank you Alia! We are just loving it thus far! hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!

  • Love the picture of Berlin and the dog. We miss you guys and hope all is going well!

    • Jordan Rose

      We miss you as well-always!

  • Jo-Anne Bartz

    Ha, I was scrolling down to tell you how much I loved the pic of Berlin and the beagle, but as I was I see everyone said the same. Never-the-less, it is really adorable.

  • Jo-Anne Bartz

    They kind of have the same expressions on their faces – like okay, what’s next. Really? lol

  • connie damico

    Great pictures, I love the one of Berlin’s shadow very artistic. Of course the one of Berlin and Maya is too adorable. Thank again for a great Thanksgiving and for giving me the opportunity to give Berlin her first haircut. I gave the other grandkids their first hair cut, so now she is also part of that tradition.

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