Seventeen Months

Growing / While she is growing taller, surprisingly she is not growing heavier. I swore she had gained several lbs, but our trip to the pediatrician told us otherwise. She is still far below the average charts in weight, but close to fifty percent for height. Its crazy because I swear the kid never stops eating-only to sleep. Well I guess its a great problem to have, hopefully she will never have to watch what she eats as an adult (lucky her!).

Eating / She is still a fantastic eater, although moody. She loves a meal one day and totally poo poos it the next. She is very strong minded about what she does and doesn’t like-and will definitely let you know about it. She is very accustomed to eating what we eat, spicy and all. As you can see, she can take down on a burrito (like the true quarter Mexican she is), and loves her some hot ass spicy Thai food.

Speaking / She is pretty much a parrot at this point, repeating every word we say. I can no longer count the number of words she has in her vocabulary as she learns a new one daily. Her favorite words at the moment include several silly expressions like; “uh-oh,” “ohh” and “yay!”

Learning / How to pick out her own clothes. Each morning she grabs an outfit from her bins that she wants to wear (and gets very upset if we don’t put them on her). How to eat properly with a spoon. Still learning how to cruise and walk on her own. She sadly has little to no desire to walk. We have started to see a new physical therapist recently so we hope she will walk soon.

Mastering / Communication. She is very proud of herself for communicating her needs and so happy we understand. She has become very skilled at stacking and sorting shapes.

Loving / Her Legos, she loves building things and pushing them all over the floor. Cleaning, she loves sweeping, mopping and cleaning with a rag. Making silly faces, she loves getting a laugh out of us by giving us all her absurd facial expressions. Still loves reading and loves, loves the playground. She is also is really enjoying hearing others sing. We attend baby rhyme time at the library and she squeals in delight when the class sings.

Loathing / Still hates sitting still; carseat, stroller, highchair…has a mini meltdown when we leave the playground (but she gets over it quickly). Doesn’t enjoy putting on her socks or shoes-runs away if the she even sees me get out her shoes. She is completely frightened of this motorized dog her auntie got her for Christmas (sorry Aunt Kelsey!). And sadly, she really hates walking.

Laughing / She is really darling lately. I’m enjoying all our time together as she is so happy and joyful. It takes very little to make her laugh, just a silly word or funny face. She finds smelling socks hilarious-and enjoys us smelling her dirty socks. She is become ticklish lately and giggles when tickled her arms.

Playing / She is obsessed with her Legos (as I mentioned) and sorting toys. She loves playing in the dishwasher (taking each dish out as I put them in). She likes the swings and reading my fashion magazines.

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  • Stella

    This just gave my heart joy that will last me for quite a while! Her smile, her laughter are too beautiful!! Bless our little Berlin XOXO

  • Stella

    May I lovingly share an idea with you? Swimming. Berlin is beyond clever and the reason why she avoids walking is because she intuitively knows that her joints and muscles will not support her yet so she is protective of her own safety. In a warm water environment she would be naturally supported and the human instinct in water is to kick. She would be strengthening her muscles and solidifying her bones without even realizing it was work. Swimming will strengthen her so much over time and before she knows it, she will have the confidence to stand and take unsupported steps. She also would not be able to favor one side of her body over the other because the water will naturally buoy her up. This comes from a very deep intuitive voice within me and is shared with you with all the love in my heart. Please know that. Love you all, Tia

    • Jordan Rose

      Thank you Stella for sharing. I think you are on to something, in fact we just enrolled Berlin in swimming the other day, classes start next week! Hopefully this will be the key to strengthening her muscles!

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