Colorado: Part One






Last week Berlin and I spent several days visiting family in Colorado. Since we were unable to make it home for the holidays, a trip to see the family was long overdue.

Colorado is where I grew up and most of my family still resides. It is a place a hold near in my heart, not only for its memories but for its true beauty. It’s a place I’ll never grow tire of visiting and one I’m so excited to share with Berlin. I look forward to the trips when I can take her sledding or ice skating for the first time or even snowboarding (although I’ll be the one sitting by the fire drinking hot cocoa while her aunties are teaching her). While I love California and have no regrets moving out west, there is something magical about Colorado that I can’t wait for Berlin to experience. In time it will also be a place of great memories for Berlin and one that she cherishes as much as I.

P.S. Isn’t my nephew the cutest!? Such a little mountain man. :)

P.P.S. The location of these images were travesty to the incredible fires that tore across Colorado last summer. This canyon alone lost over 250 homes and burned nearly 87,000 acres. The first photo shows the despair to the area, very few tress are still standing and what little are left are completely black and and wilted from the fires. My sister Amanda wrote a beautiful article on her website about the devastation. Please check it out here and if you ever need a doula in the Ft. Collins area please give her a holler.


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  • Beautiful pictures, but so sad about the fires. I remember when that was going on. Hopefully things will recover and be green again someday!

  • that crazy looking bus, I love it! The scenery/view is still beautiful despite the devastation from the fires and your nephew (and of course Berlin) are both adorable :)

    • Jordan Rose

      that bus is crazy, huh!? my brother-in-law toured in that crazy bus with his band, nuts!

  • Min

    I can’t get enough of these kiddos! Love going home also!

  • Love the pictures and of course the commentary! We love when you are home too…miss you daily!

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