Physical Therapy: Part Two


Back in October we began seeing a physical therapist to help accelerate Berlin’s gross motor skills (you can read part one here). Since then we have taken several months off to concentrate on the exercises given from the therapist. But a few weeks ago we began up again with a new therapist (based on the advice of our pediatrician).

After our final visit to the previous therapist in the fall, Ryan and I felt confident we had the tools to build Berlin’s strength. We very much thought she would be walking in no time. But unfortunately several months went by and still no steps were taken. I wholeheartedly believed she would walk on her own timeline, but I was feeling (personal) pressure from others. While I realize this pressure came with the best intentions, it seemed all conversations with family and friends revolved around Berlin’s lack of mobility-which of course deepened my anxiety further. So we set up a follow up visit to the pediatrician to make sure nothing was physically wrong with Berlin (which thankfully there was not) and we began to see a new therapist.


The second therapist was just as comforting as the first. She was excellent with Berlin and reassured us there was nothing to worry about. She absolutely feels confident Berlin will begin walking soon-cheers for that!

During the initial visit she found that Berlin’s hips were weak, which is either caused by the scooting itself or the hips were previously weak forcing her to find an alternative to crawling, guess we will never really know…

She told us to focus on building her hip strength through encouraging crawling and doing hip exercises on the ball. We are of course suppose to urge her to cruise and stand, but the main focus is to build her strength. She feels once that strength is established she will pop right up and begin walking.


Its only been a few short weeks and already Berlin is cruising (dare I say even jogging) around the house on her push toy. Its amazing!

I couldn’t be more thrilled. She is still quite wobbly, but I see improvements daily, and even better she is really enjoying it.

Cross your fingers that I’ll be chasing her around the playground soon!



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  • okay her cheeks are out of control cute… she’s just so scrumptious!

    you’re such a great mama, mama… she’s a lucky girl to have you as hers… and my fingers are so crossed that you’ll be chasing her soon… but i don’t feel like they need to be – it sounds like it’s only a matter of moments before she’s off and running!! xx

    • Jordan Rose

      Thank you Sara! It means a lot to hear such words of encouragement, just what I needed!

  • Kate

    I am by no means an expert and your physical therapists I am sure know better but I remember reading that when babies are learning to walk that soft soled shoes are supposed to be super helpful in building the right muscles in their feet. My daughter has been walking for a little over 2 months now and I just switched her to hard soled sneakers. Just a suggestion and again, I am sure you have good advice that you are already following but I saw this photo of her sneakers and I thought I would suggest the soft soled shoes that helped my daughter.

    • Jordan Rose

      You are totally right Kate! I honestly had no idea, I just bought her Nike’s because-well of course, they are cute! My physical therapist suggested we buy some soft soled shoes, so she is now walking in those. I guess function over fashion for now… :)

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