First Steps

After months of physical therapy and loads of positive encouragement on our behalf, our little gal has finally taken her first steps! As you all know, this has been a long road for us, so to say we are two happy parents, is an understatement.

Of course we knew she would walk eventually, but since she is well past the “average” walking age, there were times, I admit, I was growing quite concerned. While she is on target with all the other developmental milestones (although I pay little attention to this), it was still difficult to see the other toddlers her age circling laps around her at the park.

Now I can rest at ease knowing she is well on her way to keeping up with the other kids, and for now, I’m going to enjoy the calm before my main form of exercise is chasing after her all day.

And yes, I was bribing her to walk with tortilla chips.

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  • Such a cute video! I have to ask…why the physical therapy? My daughter had slight hip dysplasia when she was born but has been walking fine. Doctors told us we would notice when she walks if there are any issues…we haven’t brought her in as of yet for a check-up….

    • Jordan Rose

      Hey Lisa-our pediatrician was actually concerned because she never crawled either, she suggested we go to PT and we found her hips were weak from something or other, so physical therapy was really to strengthen her hips so she could get the strength to walk eventually. Is your daughter walking ok with the hip dysplasia?

      • That makes sense…good to hear she’s well on her way to running! As for my daughter, she had hip displasia as a baby (had to wear a brace and everything) but it was corrected. They just wanted us to be mindful that sometimes it rears its’ ugly head when baby starts to walk…but everything if ine 😉

  • Sooo awesome! Nico and I were clapping her along!

    • Jordan Rose

      Thanks guys! Miss you!

  • i just got goosebumps!! so exciting!! i could see your excitement and pride just from your feet when made it to you then went the other way… weeeeeee! go, berlin, go!! xx

    • Jordan Rose

      haha! so funny that you noticed my feet! As I played back the video I was thinking, wow, my feet are really tense! Guess I was a bit nervous and excited all at once!

  • Hooray!! So wonderful!!

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