Cheesy Polenta Fries


I’ve been on a polenta kick lately. I’m a little late to the party, but I recently discovered all the many fun and delicious things you can do with polenta, and better yet, its so simple to make (especially when you buy pre-cooked polenta tubes!).

This recipe is incredibly easy to throw together, in fact the prep should only take a few minutes. The longest part of the recipe is the time spent baking in the oven (but you can have your feet up enjoying a cup of tea while that is happening!).


Cheesy Polenta Fries
1 tube of pre-cooked polenta
Olive oil
2 tablespoons nutritional yeast

Cheesy Marina Sauce
Olive oil
2 cloves garlic
1 cup of organic canned tomatoes
Dash of red pepper flakes
Salt & pepper to taste
1 teaspoon oregano
2 bay leaves finely chopped

Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees. Cut polenta tube in half, then cut in half again and slice into one inch fry pieces.

Coat each piece with olive oil and toss into a bowl of nutritional yeast, then lay flat on an oiled baking sheet. Throw in the oven for approx 20-25 minutes (making sure to watch closely around the 20 minute mark to ensure they don’t burn).

While the fries are cooking, put olive oil in a medium skillet and saute garlic for a few minutes, add tomatoes and seasoning and simmer on low for approx 15 minutes. Place cooked sauce in a blender, add bay leaves and blend until smooth.

Enjoy sauce as a dip for the fries (or as a sauce for pizza or pasta). Or you can simply pop open a jar of store bought marina and kick this step entirely.


I made these fries as a side dish (originally as experiment) while I was baking my Polenta Mexican Pizza for a guest vegan post on my, oh so adorable friend’s blog, Oh Dear Drea. Please hop over to her blog (and first spend hours reading her honest, heartwarming posts while admiring her outrageously adorable daughter) then give my Mexican concoction a try! I swear its amazingly delicious (and toddler approved!)


Have a fantastic three day weekend full of lots of family, fun and food!

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  • These look delish! I loooooove polenta, but am always a bit reluctant to make it for fear that my kid will reject it (she’s a pretty good eater, but is not that willing to try new things.) Still, I think these might be worth it. The cheese will probably sell it! Adding these to my pinterest rrrriiiight now! Also, fun (humblebraggy) fact: one of my prized possessions is an Italian copper polenta pot given to us as a wedding present from my husband’s favourite uncle. I’ve never used it for making polenta, and have carried it along with us through several interational moves because one day, when we have a wood fire to cook over, you can bet a great bubbly mess will be made in that pot.

    • Jordan Rose

      Haha, love that story. That is so typical me style as well. I transport these crazy pots all around during our multiple moves, with dreams of actually using them one day! Oh, I think you should try, I feel like even picky eaters like polenta.

  • I make polenta fries all the time-the kids love them! Yours look so crispy and yummy!!! I’ve also tried making a polenta crust pizza..and actually loved it! This post has reminded me I’m due to make another one soon 😉

    • Jordan Rose

      As I mentioned, I’m a little late to the polenta party, but man its so good. I had no idea!

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