Kitchen Remodel: Part Two

After an intense 30 days, I’m thrilled to announce the kitchen remodel is complete! After months of researching, designing and planning I was terribly nervous the vision in my head wouldn’t become a reality. But in the end I’m more than pleased with the finished product and couldn’t have asked for a smoother, less hectic demolition. My contractor did an amazing job and was incredibly respectful of our space and an overall joy to work with. After hearing so many horror stories, I feel so incredibly fortunate for the seamless experience we had.



There were so many things I disliked about this kitchen (its hard to know where to start), but first thing I knew I wanted to change, from the moment we stepped foot in the house, was removing the wall between the kitchen and living spaces.

You can see the former owners made a go at it by making pocket windows on each side, but it wasn’t achieving the open living spaces I was craving. We had several contractors and an engineer come in and give us quotes and options for removing the wall. Most were outrageously expensive and we were afraid we weren’t able to achieve the look we wanted.


In the end we were able to eliminate one of the posts and open up the walls completely, and the result is a dream come true. The open space between the dining/kitchen/living room is perfect for our family and an absolute entertainers dream (my first dinner party can’t come soon enough!).




So there it is, my white kitchen come true. I won’t be leaving the kitchen anytime soon, so expect a lot of recipes coming your way.

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  • its gorgeous!!!

    • Jordan Rose

      Thank you Alia!

  • Wooooooow so much better! I’m dreaming of a white kitchen, too! But we rent right now, so it will remain a dream for now. So much light, more airy and crisp looking. You did a great job. I wouldn’t want to leave that space, either. I bet you could slide a cot or an air mattress in there and camp out for a few nights :) -Misty

    • Jordan Rose

      Haha. I just might do that…the couch is pretty near by, just may sleep on that for awhile! :)

  • Gorgeous! We have the same a handles and you have the tiles I wanted! Needless to say I think you have awesome taste!

    • Jordan Rose

      Ahhh, thank you sweets. You have good taste as well. šŸ˜‰

  • connie damico

    You did a wonderful job, I love it!

  • So light and clean– love it!

    • Jordan Rose

      Thanks! We are so pleased with the final outcome!

  • Paula M.

    Great job! Very dramatic Before and After difference! :)

    Any tips for sources on materials? I see from the Apt Therapy write-up you mention that you got materials at about half the cost of brand names. I’ve got a much-delayed bathroom remodel that I have to get to, so I’d appreciate some sources. (I live in the East Bay.) Thanks!

    Or maybe I’l just wait to do my bathroom remodel til after you’ve done yours – LOL! šŸ˜‰

    • Jordan Rose

      Yes-we will be going to the bathroom soon! I’m actually not familiar with East Bay stores, but from what I understand there are a lot of good kitchen material resources over there. We got our cabinets from Sincere Home decor, they have a big showroom in Oakland. For countertops and tiles I would suggest checking out all the Chinese suppliers around Bayshore ave in SF; Best Tile, East Star Building Supply, Liberty Building Supply…Good luck!

      • Julie Pak

        Hi Jordan.

        Like Paula, I saw the before and after on Apartment Therapy. Your renovation is awesome! And like Paula, I wanted to ask you where you sourced your materials since I’ll be doing a Jack & Jill bathroom soon. I’ll definitely be following you & your progress . . . I’ll be designing & planning out the renovation shortly.

        I do have a few questions about how you found your contractor. Did you prepare a detailed plan for the contractor to follow? What questions did you ask that gave you the confidence to hire? Did the contractor do the job alone or with a small team? And will (s)he be working on your bathroom too?

        Thank you and best regards.


        • Jordan Rose

          Hi Julie-Thanks for your kind words. I sourced my materials at the “chinese” showrooms-mostly all around Bayshore Ave area in SF (Hunters Point is a mecca for building supplies). I really liked East Star Building Supply, Floorcraft, Liberty Supplies and Best Tile. These places (except Floorcraft) are not fancy, you need to scour the place and have an eye for what you are looking for. Maybe start at a high end place and pick what you want, then see if you can find it at these retailers-they have the same stuff for much less. For smaller building materials (knobs, faucet, disposal…) I bought everything off of They are a fantastic resource-and you can chat with them online if you need help.
          As for the contractor, I did not make a detailed plan. We discussed everything I wanted, but I was there to supervise every day (I’m a SAHM). If they were going to install or work on a new project, I told them to let me know in advance and we discussed what I wanted. I had to learn a lot as I went (like how far to space recess lighting). But you look online and you learn…
          They work as a team of 2 and bring in a painter and an electrician. They got the whole job done in 30 days! They will be doing my bathroom next.
          My friend liked my kitchen so much, I’m going to design and supervise her remodel as well. I may just make a job of this! Let me know if you want their contact info or perhaps you want a project manager. :)
          Best of luck to you!

          • jo

            oops, i hit send too early!! my son and wife are planning a kitchen remodel in the bay area and would love to know the contact info for your contractor.
            Your kitchen is Great!! Theirs is similarly closed in and they love the openness.

          • Jordan Rose

            Hello Jo-I will email you my contractor’s info.

  • Joan

    wow. Love. very similar to what I want to do in my kitchen. Love the backsplash as well. Can you tell us the source?

    • Jordan Rose

      Sadly, I can’t remember the actual manufactures name, but I know they are out of Berkeley. Its a very common brand, they sell it in most kitchen stores. If you go to any local bay area kitchen supply store and ask for ceramic hexagon tiles, most likely they will be from this resource. I bought mine from FloorCraft on Bayshore Ave in SF.

  • Samantha k

    How much did this renovation cost you? Looks amazing!

    • Jordan Rose

      Thank you Samantha! It was in the $30K range, but we also did all the electrical, which was a grip of money as well and tore down the walls…standard range for a kitchen this size is closer to $50K usually. Best of luck to you!

      • Samantha k

        Thank you for your prompt response :) Your kitchen is definitely an inspiration

  • Anne

    Great choices!
    I’m starting the business of sourcing materials for a re-do. Can you share the source and brand of that faucet? It’s a beauty!

    • Jordan Rose

      Thanks Anne! Its a Miseno MK500. It was the smallest industrial faucet I could find, most are much too big for homes. I bought it off who I highly suggest, great source for buying materials. good luck!

  • Sabrina rosen

    Where your cabinets custom and if they were not… How did you track down discount kitchen cabinets?

    • Jordan Rose

      No custom cabinets. Custom are very pricey. I went to all the local cabinet stores and did a quality/price comparison.

  • jamie miller

    What I don’t really understand is the different quality of wood in the cabinets. I want the best wood, Shaker style, white, painted. What should I be asking/looking for. Pressed wood sounds like the bottom of the cabinet line and solid wood the top of the line. I’ve been offered plywood, pressed wood, maple veneer. What am I looking for that will last.
    We got our quote from GAO’s cabinets on Donner Ave in San Francisco.

    • Jordan Rose

      I am no cabinet expert! I would definitely check with the store you are purchasing from. However, from what I understand plywood is a great option. Just make sure the drawers are framed in plywood-no metal.

  • kate

    Hi Jordan, the kitchen looks great! I am currently redoing my kitchen and I actually purchased the same frig and extremely similar cabinets as you did! Can you tell me where you got your faucet? I’m looking for that style but I’m having a hard time finding one in my price range. Also, do you like how it sprays? Does it spray so heavy it splashes up from the sink (I’ve heard this style can do that)?

    And yes, electrical work is soooo expensive. I replaced and added a bunch of LED cans and my jaw dropped when I saw my bill. But it was totally worth every penny!


    • Jordan Rose

      Thanks Kate! All the hard work paid off! I got the faucet from I don’t recall the brand. However, I really like it. It was affordable and works perfect.
      Best of luck to you!

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