Berlin Turns Two







Today you are two,
You’re two today
What can I tell you
What can I say

Can I tell you about the ocean
As blue as blue can be
It stretches for miles
As far as the eye can see

Can I tell you about the moon
With many different faces
It sneaks into your room
And hides in dark spaces

Can I tell you about stars
And wishes come true
They twinkle and they shine
Especially for you

Can I tell you about dreams
that flicker and ignite
they carry you through life
on a glorious flight

Can I tell you about music
Which makes you laugh and dance
It makes you wiggle your hips
Like there’s ants in your pants

Can I tell you about love
It’s a wonderful thing
It warms you at night
And makes your heart sing

Can I tell you about puppies
Hamsters and cats
Fish in a bowl
With names like Jack

So much to see
So much to do
Welcome to the big world
Now you are two

Poem by the talented Grandma (Jo-Anne) Bartz


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  • Aw, happy birthday beautiful girl! That cake looks amazing :) -Misty

    • Jordan Rose

      I have to say the cake was pretty darn good! Posting the recipe later this week…

  • wow! 2 already? happy birthday!!

    • Jordan Rose

      I know! Can you believe it!?

  • Happy birthday to your little love!

  • What a beautiful poem!! Looks like a great bday party…and by the way, I LOVE that sandbox! I’ve been bugging my hubby to make one for the kids!

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