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My dad has been visiting from Colorado for the past week and we had the pleasure of showing him around the bay. It was a wonderful excuse for us to get out of our rut and go explore the beauty that is Northern California. In all my years living in the bay area, I had yet to see the famous lighthouse at Point Reyes National Seashore. If you are ever in the bay area I highly recommend you explore this area. The drive to the lighthouse entails miles of endless scenery, with twisting, winding roads through redwood trees, farmland and views of the coastline for as far as the eye can see. Its a bit of a hike to the base of the lighthouse, with over 300 steps, but well worth the exercise. If you do make the trek, make sure to stop by Point Reyes Station for an awesome farm to table lunch and drop by the Farmers Market to stock up on the most fresh, best tasting local produce.

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  • This is the area in which you live??!! WOW! Absolutely stunning!! Isn’t it crazy though how we don’t make an effort to see and appreciate what is around us until we are “forced” to?!

    • Jordan Rose

      Exactly. Its so wrong. Must make a real effort to explore more often!

  • Wow! So gorgeous, what a beautiful day to spend as a family.

    • Jordan Rose

      Absolutely! We need to do it more often!

  • These photos are gorgeous, you have a great talent! It looks so nice where you are, so opposite from the tropical climate here in South Florida! xo

    • Jordan Rose

      Thank you Julie, that is truly so kind. Its a passion I love, but so much to learn still!

  • Holy crap these photos are BEAUTIFUL! I cannot imagine leaving anywhere near anything this beautiful!

    • Jordan Rose

      Haha, it is truly beautiful, and I’m sure you have much beauty in your neck of the woods!

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