Pumpkin Patch








Sadly it was difficult to get any good photos of Berlin, not only does she dart around at lightening speed, but within the last couple of weeks, she has suddenly grown fearful of all things “unfamiliar,” Halloween decor being one of them. I have never seen as scared as I did when we walked into the party store with all the Halloween paraphernalia, she nearly lost her mind in crippling fear. So needless to say, Halloween trick or treating is going to be interesting-if it happens at all.

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  • Hey! Where is this pumpkin patch? I live in SF and I want to see pumpkins in a field!

    • Jordan Rose

      Hey Amber! This was the Petaluma Pumpkin Patch up north. Its worth the drive, its a huge pumpkin patch!

  • These are so beautiful Jordan. I hope the fear ends soon for Berlin, it’s a natural phase but one of the hardest ones I think.

    • Jordan Rose

      Thank you Lila. :) I’m so glad to hear this is natural, its seems so dramatic, I’m having a tough time imagining all children reacting like this.

  • what a beautiful family!
    poor berlin, i hope this phase to get over soon… xx

    • Jordan Rose

      Thank you sweets. Me as well!

  • Great pics and beautiful scenery….a much nicer place than where we went (but then again, the kids were ONLY interested in the pumpkins, lol!)

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