Maui Waui








Every year we discuss getting away and enjoying our Christmas on a tropical beach rather than spend our time in airports going from one family to another, and this year we finally did it. Well sort of anyway, at least we got away for New Years and a week after.

After much deliberating over a location, we finally landed ourselves on Maui, Hawaii. We went back and forth over traveling to a more exotic location, such as Belize, but eventually landed on Hawaii due to its safety and connivence of accommodating a toddler. While it was not as exotic as we hoped, it turned out to be a perfect mid-winter vacation, and Berlin was in absolute heaven.

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays as well!

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  • Her little butt is the cutest!

    • Jordan Rose

      Haha, her tiny, little butt! Thanks!

  • oh, how i would like to spend the new year at the beach instead of being near the fire!!! one day, maybe, but hawaii’s quite far away for us… xx

    • Jordan Rose

      There are plenty of other warm getaways closer to you I’m sure! Hawaii is beautiful, but there are many other more exotic locations out there for sure!

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