Hello there and welcome to my blog! I’m Jordan, my hubby is Ryan (or as we like to call him “Far” which is Danish for dad) and the adorable peanut is our daughter, Berlin.

The journey of our family of three began here in Palm Springs, the day Ryan & I got married:Palm Springs Wedding

…followed by the amazing day in August 2012, with the birth of our beautiful daughter Berlin:Birth of Berlin

Prior to having our daughter I was one of the lucky few who was actually making a living doing what I love; working as a clothing buyer in the fashion industry.  For the past fifteen years I was living my dream; traveling around the US and overseas and hand selecting styles that would set trends and dictate what young girls would be wearing each season.  I worked for bebe for many, many years (back when they were red -hot!) and then made the move down to Los Angeles to work as a buyer for Forever 21.  Shortly after Berlin’s birth I was given the opportunity to leave my fulfilling career and was fortunate enough to have the option of staying home and raising our daughter.  While this precious time I was given with Berlin was a gift I’m so incredibly thankful for, it was also a scary transition from being a whirlwind powerhouse buyer to a full-time stay-at-home mom.  Once the madness of caring for a newborn had settled, I began missing my career and the sense of achievement and was longing to take on a new project.  During my years as a buyer I was an avid follower of all the trending fashion blogs, then after having Berlin I added to my reader many of the amazing mommy blogs as well.  It was due to the talent of so many of these influential female bloggers that I was inspired to create a new path for myself and share my passion of fashion, health and our beautiful life here in San Francisco.

I hope that you enjoy my daily writings of the world as I see it and that it will inspire you to live a stylish, happy and healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy!