Colorado: Part Two










Here it is, the final images from our short trip to Colorado. The top images are from Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, such an awesomely beautiful place. Crazy to think I grew up miles from this spot and didn’t really visit it all that much, such a shame.

I shockingly got two shots of my mother with Berlin, sure one is of her back and the other you can barely see her face. But let me tell you, getting a photo of grandma is not an easy task. But I’m up for the challenge. Berlin needs at least a few images of her and grandma to look back upon. Got ya grandma!


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Colorado: Part One






Last week Berlin and I spent several days visiting family in Colorado. Since we were unable to make it home for the holidays, a trip to see the family was long overdue.

Colorado is where I grew up and most of my family still resides. It is a place a hold near in my heart, not only for its memories but for its true beauty. It’s a place I’ll never grow tire of visiting and one I’m so excited to share with Berlin. I look forward to the trips when I can take her sledding or ice skating for the first time or even snowboarding (although I’ll be the one sitting by the fire drinking hot cocoa while her aunties are teaching her). While I love California and have no regrets moving out west, there is something magical about Colorado that I can’t wait for Berlin to experience. In time it will also be a place of great memories for Berlin and one that she cherishes as much as I.

P.S. Isn’t my nephew the cutest!? Such a little mountain man. :)

P.P.S. The location of these images were travesty to the incredible fires that tore across Colorado last summer. This canyon alone lost over 250 homes and burned nearly 87,000 acres. The first photo shows the despair to the area, very few tress are still standing and what little are left are completely black and and wilted from the fires. My sister Amanda wrote a beautiful article on her website about the devastation. Please check it out here and if you ever need a doula in the Ft. Collins area please give her a holler.


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Christmas {plus Tamale Party}



Christmas at Nana’s in Palm SpringsTamaleParty




Tequila filled tamale partyChristmas104

Mini celebration at homeTamaleParty110

The holidays were good to us this year. We opted for a low-key Christmas with minimal travel (vs our planned winter vacation). We spent it with my youngest sister, her husband and Ryan’s mom, step-father and brother. While I was sad not to be home in Colorado with the rest of my family, I was very grateful to at least have my youngest sibling with us for the holiday.

We began our trip in Long Beach with a tamale party hosted by Ryan’s younger brother and had the pleasure of seeing much of Ryan’s family and my best friend. We then headed to the desert to spend a few days with grandparents and relax by the pool.

Berlin, naturally, was crazy spoiled with many, many gifts from the whole family. While this was incredibly thoughtful, it makes one really wonder if all these toys are really that necessary. Not five minutes after opening her numerous gifts she was back to playing with the tv remotes. It really doesn’t take much to entertain her, especially not a bunch of shiny, new toys.

We are now back at home enjoying the last few days on vacation before Ryan goes back to work. Not sure there will be much rest around here, I’ve got a list a mile long of things to do around the house. Sorry hubby!

Looking forward to celebrating the New Year with friends. Hope you all are enjoying rest and some fun with your loved ones.


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Bits of Thanksgiving Weekend







Our first holiday spent in our new home.

Perfectly filled with relaxation, projects around the home and family. Berlin was beyond happy with multiple trips to the park and all the attention received by having both parents, grandparents and a puppy around doting on her.

It was a lovely week. If only it lasted longer.

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Zoo Day







Enjoying some much needed time with the family this week. Hoping you are all doing the same.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Tearful Pumpkin Patch



PumpkinPatch103 (1)


For so many reasons Berlin hasn’t been the happiest camper lately, let’s just say a combination of lack of sleep, teething and overall developmental changes are making her more fussy and clingy than her average self. Ryan and I were all hyped to take her to her first pumpkin patch and share the same memories with her as we experienced growing up, but it turned out to be more tears than cheers.

As it turns out, Berlin is a bit more skittish than we expected when it comes to all things holiday. She lost it when we sat her by the ghost at the pumpkin patch and last week at Home Depot she broke into tears as I rounded the corner to the Christmas aisle (who knew angels were scary!). I’m assuming this fear is simply a phase. We shall see how trick or treating goes, she may not survive all the ghosts and goblins of Halloween night!


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Treasure Island Weekend


TreasureIsland102Getting eaten alive by bubbles

TreasureIsland103Loves her some Major Lazer


AcademyofScience (1)AcademyofScience


A bit blurry, but too cute

This weekend was an attempt to reclaim my youth by attending the Treasure Island Music Festival (with baby in tow).  Taking Berlin was not such a bad idea, not for her at least.  She seemed to thoroughly enjoy it, but for me, having a baby at a music festival was not my idea of cutting loose.  But we had a brief, fun time, and was home in time for her bedtime at 7 PM (wild night!).

On Thursday I did get some baby free time and snuck out for a night at the Academy of Sciences and even met up with the hubby for a late night movie-if you haven’t seen Gravity yet I highly recommend it.

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend!

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Birthday Weekend



A bit out of focus, but this is Berlin’s first bite of pure sugar. Must be documented!







Celebrated a wonderful three day weekend full of birthday festivities.  Saturday we dropped Berlin off at her auntie’s house and enjoyed a baby free night for the first time since she was born.  I’m not going to lie, it was pretty amazing.  Sunday we celebrated with friends by having a laid back brunch at a local bar.  And Monday (my actual birthday) we had breakfast at this little spot in my neighborhood, the Stable Cafe.  Attached to the cafe is an awesome florist, Lila B that does beautiful work.  I highly recommend checking them out.

It was the most mellow birthday I’ve ever celebrated, and the first time in years I haven’t been hung over the next day.  So cheers to that!

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