Pumpkin Patch








Sadly it was difficult to get any good photos of Berlin, not only does she dart around at lightening speed, but within the last couple of weeks, she has suddenly grown fearful of all things “unfamiliar,” Halloween decor being one of them. I have never seen as scared as I did when we walked into the party store with all the Halloween paraphernalia, she nearly lost her mind in crippling fear. So needless to say, Halloween trick or treating is going to be interesting-if it happens at all.

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Mini Getaway








My dad has been visiting from Colorado for the past week and we had the pleasure of showing him around the bay. It was a wonderful excuse for us to get out of our rut and go explore the beauty that is Northern California. In all my years living in the bay area, I had yet to see the famous lighthouse at Point Reyes National Seashore. If you are ever in the bay area I highly recommend you explore this area. The drive to the lighthouse entails miles of endless scenery, with twisting, winding roads through redwood trees, farmland and views of the coastline for as far as the eye can see. Its a bit of a hike to the base of the lighthouse, with over 300 steps, but well worth the exercise. If you do make the trek, make sure to stop by Point Reyes Station for an awesome farm to table lunch and drop by the Farmers Market to stock up on the most fresh, best tasting local produce.

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Bits of Memorial Day Weekend






Here is a tidbit of our most amazing weekend in Santa Cruz. It was a last minute decision to get out of town for the holiday weekend; based on the idea that Ryan didn’t have to work. We enjoyed two wonderful days of hiking, swimming and eating. Then sadly I had to drop Ryan off at work on our way back into town Monday morning. It was a huge disappointment that we didn’t get to enjoy the three day weekend in its entirety (yet again), but just getting out of the city for those two days felt relaxing and invigorating.

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend!

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These past few weeks have been amazing, with the weather being so beautiful, we have enjoyed so much of the outdoors and our breathtaking city. Now that Berlin is walking, it feels like we are experiencing the city for the first time. Everything has a new level of excitement, and the most simple activities are awe-inspiring adventures. There are so many places to explore and so much beauty to be seen in this city and beyond, and I look forward to introducing Berlin to every inch of it.

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Indian Springs





In honor of Ryan’s birthday, this past weekend, we headed up north to the hot springs and enjoyed a three day weekend together. It was rare and so very necessary.

We danced, drank tequila, swam, ate good food, relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company. It was a perfect birthday celebration and a wonderful rejuvenation of our spirit.

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Academy Walk






Is it okay that I’m jealous of my daughter? I mean come on, this kid has it so good! Not only does she have two parents that love her to death, but she is growing up in most amazing city; San Francisco.

There is an abundant amount of activities for kids here, all of which are awesome (and sometimes free). Once a month the museums about the city grant free admissions for either a day or a full weekend.

This past weekend, we lucked out with the Academy of Science being free the entire weekend, so we went twice. I swear this kid has seen more culture than I experienced the first twenty years of my life.

As you can see here, we are making quite the progress with Berlin’s walking. She insisted on walking the entire museum (with help of course), but we are so pleased with her progress!


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Another Saturday





We made the leap and got ourselves an annual pass to the San Francisco Zoo. Its ten minutes from our home, has an amazing playground, and paid for itself in two visits (so we couldn’t go wrong!).

I’ll just go ahead and warn you now, its most likely you will be seeing a lot of images from the zoo, so prepare yourself now…

Also, please check out my guest post over at Dani + Lola. Berlin and I did a little style post in our skinny jeans & hi-tops.

While you’re there, please stay and check out Dani’s blog; she has a real sense of style and her daughter’s adorable.

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Bits of Thanksgiving Weekend







Our first holiday spent in our new home.

Perfectly filled with relaxation, projects around the home and family. Berlin was beyond happy with multiple trips to the park and all the attention received by having both parents, grandparents and a puppy around doting on her.

It was a lovely week. If only it lasted longer.

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Outfit: Guest Post

Today I am very happy to announce that I will be guest posting over at The Stork & The Beanstalk.

I discovered this amazing blog shortly after having Berlin and instantly fell in love, it’s truly one of my favorite blogs. Ashley (the incredible creator, writer, and photographer of the blog) is absolutely adorable, so very talented and always has me in stitches.

Unfortunately she just underwent an insane back surgery and is at home recovering. So please stop by her blog and give her your warm wishes-and do stay for awhile to read her beautiful posts-you will be happy you did.

Here are a few outtakes I had from the photo shoot, however please check out the real winners over at Ashley’s blog.





I did this photo shoot back in August, so my outfit is not very winter friendly (although it is still 65 degrees here!), so I apologize in advance that this outfit is not so wearable across most of the country.

However I would strongly advise buying these boots-I absolutely LOVE them, and they can be worn year round!

Thanks again to Ashley for having me over at her blog, I hope to have her grace the pages of my blog one day soon.

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Moving with a Toddler

Its been a few weeks now since we made the big move into our new home. The dust has finally began to settle, and Berlin’s mood is at last improving. While this move was particularly hard on me (for countless reasons), I came to realize it was even harder on Berlin. Although she is still so young, its clear our move had an emotional impact on her and in turn her behavior became a challenge to both of us (considering she can’t communicate or express her feelings).

Throughout the move I learned some valuable lessons on moving with a toddler that I thought I would share. I’ll admit I didn’t consider all the ideas beforehand, but shortly into the midst of chaos I came to realize how important each of these steps were to maintain normalcy for Berlin.


First and foremost: Be sure to set up your little one’s room first. Although I was knee deep in boxes and couldn’t find the coffee grinder (horror!) nor a towel to bathe with, I made certain to set up Berlin’s room first. Mind you everything was not in its proper place (and there were blankets taped to the window in place of blinds) but all in all it resembled her room at our old place (minus the thousands of vinyl records she previously shared the room with).


Next, adhere to the regular schedule-despite the madness that is happening all hours of the day. I made it a point to keep on schedule and not disrupt her routine (too much), not allowing for any more fussiness than was already occurring.  It’s important to keep nap and meal times consistent and even more important to carry on with the normal nighttime routine; bath, books, rocking or whatever it may be. I found this familiar routine really soothed Berlin and made her feel more at ease in her new room.

Have a helper-or two! I was incredibly fortunate to have my mother-in-law volunteer to fly down and assist us with the move. It was crucial having her around during that first week (did I mention Ryan flew to London literally in the middle of our move!?). Having a toddler is a full time job in itself and then complicate it with the physical exhaustion and madness of a move, and I would say its near impossible to do without someone solely focusing on the little one.


Furthermore, be sure to stop and give your little one lots of cuddles. Its easy to get carried away rushing to unpack the entire house without even a thought to eating lunch (or even going to the bathroom), but its crucial to take breaks and spend some quality time with your nugget. Although Berlin was happy playing with her Nana, I found it was important to drop everything once and while and concentrate on showering her with some mama attention. Things were already so chaotic for her, I didn’t want her to feel separated from me as well.

Lastly, be certain to get outside at least once a day. Considering your to-do list is massive, its easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of it all, but its important to take a breather and get a breath of fresh air-for everyone. On day three of being cooped up in the house, I forced myself to put it all down and take Berlin to the playground. It was refreshing not only being outside, but it was wonderful spending some much needed time with my sweet little girl.

These were invaluable tools to get me through a crazy move, what lessons have you learned from moving with a toddler (or any age for that matter)?

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