Weekend Love


These photos taken by a Russian mother are beyond beautiful.

An interesting read about modern day parenting. Can’t say I agree with it all, but worth a read for a little chuckle.

With our kitchen being gutted, I’m in full grill mode. I’m dying to make this Grilled Peach recipe.

I’m loving this new blog by Jessica Kraus (of House of Habit) and company, The Ma Books

I’ve been searching high and low for an affordable Sputnik light for our bedroom, thus far I’m still dreaming of owning this Jonathan Adler chandelier.

Lastly, my kick ass Instagram buddy, Amanda Tyler protested against IG for deleting accounts of women breastfeeding. Her story made the front cover of the SF Chronicle. Pretty kick ass if I do say so myself.

Sorry things continue to be quiet around here, but this kitchen remodel is keeping me quite busy. Hopefully I can post photos of the progress soon. Have a lovely weekend.

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Weekend Love


I’m super stoked for this new documentary, Fed Up, to come out. If you were a fan of Food, Inc (which I loved), then you will enjoy this one as well.

I’ll just say it, I was never much a fan for kids-at least until I had one. So if you’re like me, you’ll get a good laugh out of this, “The Top 10 Reasons I Hate Your Kid”.

Do you ever scour Netflix wondering what to watch? Here’s a list of “12 Mind Blowing Documentaries on Netflix Right Now.”  We’ve watched four thus far and haven’t been disappointed, Dear Zachary is incredibly sad if you’re in the mood for that.

I’m currently reading We are Water by Wally Lamb. Its a great read.

I did a guest post on Simple Savvy a few weeks back highlighting five favorite things for Berlin.

Finally, for all you mothers out there, this is a must watch video.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!


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Weekend Love


Happy (finally) Friday everyone!  I’m not sure about you, but this week dragged by for me.  I kept wishing it would be Friday already-and its finally here!  Here’s to doing absolutely nothing all weekend long!  Below are some links to check out over your relaxing weekend.  Enjoy!

Beautiful, beautiful documentary following the lives of four babies from various cultures Babies

I’m a big fan of Karen Walker.  If you haven’t already, check out her Spring 2014 line.  And if you haven’t yet seen her Sunglass Campaign featuring the most adorable kids ever, check it here.

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is under a lot of scrutiny lately.  Check out the consequence of giving your children Tylenol here. This is something all parents should be aware of.

Also enjoyed this week’s This American Life dedicated to the dangers of acetaminophen.

If you didn’t see already, I did a guest post on weddings & marriage.  Check it out on Abigail and the Future.

Lastly two blogs that I enjoy following (Petite Biet & Latonyayvette) are launching an uber hip children’s clothing line and need support getting it off the ground.  If you would like to contribute go to their Kickstarter, every little bit counts.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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