Twenty-One Months

Growing / We recently attended our 21 month well visit and Berlin has finally hit the charts for weight! This is monumental, she has been below the charts since I can remember and she was at the thirtieth percentile this visit-yahoo! Her non-stop eating finally paid off!

Eating / She is a great eater, she will eat just about anything I serve her, but always on her own timeline. She insists on carrying around her bowl of food while playing around the house, never wanting to sit in her high chair for more than a few minutes. But I can’t say I blame her, I’m exactly the same way, eat & run.

Speaking / She is a total parrot, mimicking every word we say. She literally repeats every word that comes out of anyone’s mouth, so we always have to be mindful of the words we chose. She has an incredible vocabulary and says numerous two word sentences, her favorite being potty jokes; “hippo toots” or “hippo poops.”

Learning / She is learning to feed herself, properly that is. I blame myself for not allowing her to practice more, but she hasn’t been so good with the utensils. Recently I finally relinquished control, and she is nailing it. She attempts to put on her socks and shoes, although she hasn’t succeeded just yet.

Mastering / Walking. It took no time, and once she was up, she was off to the races. She is incredibly steady on her feet, falls very little, and is trying to run already.

Loving / She is happy as can be simply walking around the neighborhood. She no longer wants to go to the park or really “play,” yet is perfectly content just walking around for hours (too bad the hill getting to our house is a monster! I’m really getting my workout in).

Loathing /She detests getting her diaper changed, screams bloody murder every time we lay her down. She is not a fan of napping these days, especially on the weekends when Far is home (she wants to spend every second playing with her Pops) and she refuses to wear a hat-making time spent outside tough in this crazy heat.

Laughing / It doesn’t take much to make this gal burst out in laughter, usually a little potty humor does the trick (notice a trend here). She also finds it hilarious when we pretend to smell her dirty feet or chase her around the house.

Playing / Her favorite at the playground is the sandbox, she can spend hours in the sandbox or on the beach digging holes and filling her bucket. She loves music (as you can see) and insists on playing her favorites every time we get in the car, lately its been “Wheels on the Bus.” If I never hear this song again I would be one happy camper…

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