Twenty-Two Months

Growing / She appears taller than ever lately and has recently outgrown most of her pants. Her waist is still ridiculously tiny however, it is only in the length that her clothes have grown tight, therefore I have been thrifty and cut them all into shorts. Her hair is a scraggly mess. While she got a small haircut from her grandma last week, it still seems out of control (mainly because we didn’t allow her to cut much). While she seems to slowly be gaining weight and height, it amazes me just how much smaller she is still compared to the other toddlers her age, she looks like a baby doll in comparison to some of the beast like children we see on the playground.

Eating / She is eating like a ravenous bear these days, snacking non-stop. From the hour of 9 AM until noon, I swear she doesn’t stop eating. Its truly amazing how much her little body can take in. She loves buttered toast and bagels (especially from our local coffee shop). She prefers to eat in the living room at the coffee table or walking around the house, she has little patience for sitting in the highchair or at the table. She demands on choosing her own toddler packs, she can tell by looking at them which one she likes, and gets mad if I choose one for her.

Speaking / Her language skills are still incredible, this is definitely where she excels. Her favorite expressions at the moment include; “oh man” and “ay chihuahua.” She also loves saying “brontosaurs,” don’t ask why…She is stringing several words together now and her communication and needs are very clear. She is still confusing her possessive pronouns, getting “mine” and “yours” turned around often (I have found, this one is a tough one to teach). Just recently she has begun referring to herself in the third person, saying “Beno poop.” She apparently can’t say “Berlin.”

Learning / She is learning how to dress herself (but has a long way to go still), she can put her jacket on, but always backwards, and attempts to put on her shirt, but never quite succeeds. She has learned to unzip things, but hasn’t mastered zipping yet. She is finally learning how to take a small step over something or onto something, before recently she would crawl over little steps (she is extremely cautious).

Mastering / Climbing onto everything. She loves climbing on the coffee table, all the while saying “no table, no table” as she knows its a no, no-but does it nonetheless. She has even figured out how to push her highchair close enough to the kitchen table to climb onto that (which is rather frightening).

Loving / She loves shopping, and mainly going to the “mall.” She could spend hours walking around the mall, going up and down the escalator (which is always “up” for both up & down) and looking at clothes. She thinks it especially funny to look at bras and swimsuits and repeat “boobies, boobies.”

Loathing /She hates changing her clothes (and mostly her diaper) still. She prefers feeding herself rather than being fed. She recently has a weird thing about the light being turned off, keeps repeating “light off,” which actually means “light on,” once again confusing her words…

Laughing / Nothing like a father’s playtime to make this girl laugh. She loves running around and being silly with her Far. She also still finds any potty humor hilarious (I guess this never ends).

Playing / She is obsessed with her all her electronic toys suddenly; her faux computer, toy phone and electronic books. She carries them everywhere, slamming on all the buttons at once (making a lovely, annoying melody that I enjoy so much). She loves cleaning with me, she has her own broom set and helps me around the house. She still loves getting into all the drawers and cabinets, taking everything out and lining it all up in a neat line.

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Happy Fourteen Months


Ryan and I were discussing this past weekend how sad it is that we can’t even remember what Berlin’s first word was.  We have an idea, but we truly don’t recall which word it was or when it happened.  Very sad.  So in lieu of my sweet baby girl’s 14-month birthday I’m going to start documenting her development.  Happy fourteen months baby girl!

Growing / Feet are growing quickly suddenly. She is almost in a size 3. She seems to be getting taller, but is still very thin. However she finally fits into 12 month clothing. She now has 4 teeth (her front teeth) and seems to be sprouting another.

Eating / Anything protein and fruit. Loves tofu, chicken and almond butter. Obsessed with green juices and oat bars.

Speaking / Favorite words include; baby, bye bye, hi, bubbles, and up. Says “uhm uhm” while pointing at objects to communicate what she wants.

Learning / To pull herself up on furniture and climb up the stairs.

Mastering / Knowing and pointing to her body parts; head, feet, belly, ears…Repeating sounds of her favorite animals; dog, cat, duck, bird (and monster).

Loving / Drinking from straws, bath time, going to the playground, scooting around at lightening speed, and reading (loves reading!).

Loathing / Eating with utensils (only likes finger foods), being carried, napping (nap times are tough lately), being in her carseat, pooping (she is terribly frightened of going number two!).

Laughing / Laughs each time I say “yucky” or snort like a pig. Laughs when she grabs my nose, ear (and lately) my love handles! Laughs every time I enter her room after nap time.

Playing / Enjoys playing in the kitchen; pulling items out of the fridge and drawers. Infatuated with bags & purses; dumping all my belongings from my purse onto the ground multiple times a day. Loves pulling all her clothes out of the bins and scattering them around the house.

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