Relaxing Weekend


Its finally summer time in San Francisco!  We hit over 80 degrees in the city this weekend-which is a big deal around here! I finally get to bust out all my summer dresses, beyond excited!

As you can see, Berlin and I enjoyed a mellow weekend; did some shopping, played in the backyard and had a little park time with friends.





On the contrary, this is Ryan enjoying his weekend (DJ’ing in Portland).  Not sure who had more fun, but I can tell you I’m a wee bit jealous.  A mother’s job never ends…



Yes that is my husband with his hands in the air, he knows how to have a good time!  Love him.



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Day in the Bay: 4th of July







FourthofJuly101 We had a low key, relaxing 4th that included no fireworks and being home by 7 PM-the life of parents with an infant.  We spent the afternoon at a friend’s BBQ eating turkey dogs and six kinds of desserts (or at least I ate all six!) and being entertained by the two beautiful children you see in the photos.  Both were so attracted to Berlin; wanting to play with her and carry her everywhere.  The little girl (of course) was naturally drawn to her, being a little caretaker and letting me know when Berlin was hungry, fussy or wanting her “mommy.”  All the attention brought out an adventurous, more daring side of Berlin.  Just the short hour romping around on the bed with the two older children, and I swore she was going to start crawling.

This interaction with the other kids, made me realize just how important it is for Berlin to have a sibling.  Coming from a large family myself (five kids) I can’t imagine life without my brother and sisters.  We have always been there for one another and we still play a huge role in each others lives (my two youngest sisters living minutes away from me in San Francisco).  My siblings are my best friends, other people come and go, but my family is always there by my side.

I want this for Berlin.  I want her to experience not only growing up and learning from another sibling, but having another she can count on to guide her through life.

I’m not saying I’m ready to take the plunge quite yet (Ryan-if you are reading this), but the seed is planted.  Now I just need to get myself emotionally and physically ready for baby number two-and that might take awhile!

Hope you all enjoyed your 4th!

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