First Steps

After months of physical therapy and loads of positive encouragement on our behalf, our little gal has finally taken her first steps! As you all know, this has been a long road for us, so to say we are two happy parents, is an understatement.

Of course we knew she would walk eventually, but since she is well past the “average” walking age, there were times, I admit, I was growing quite concerned. While she is on target with all the other developmental milestones (although I pay little attention to this), it was still difficult to see the other toddlers her age circling laps around her at the park.

Now I can rest at ease knowing she is well on her way to keeping up with the other kids, and for now, I’m going to enjoy the calm before my main form of exercise is chasing after her all day.

And yes, I was bribing her to walk with tortilla chips.

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