It’s A Girl

This week we will be celebrating Berlin’s 1st birthday, Friday to be exact. We are all just a little bit excited over here. We made it, we survived one whole year-and our child is still alive! I would say that definitely deserves a pat on the back, hell I think it calls for a cocktail. All I know is we are going to do some celebrating around here (for the next several weeks actually) and this week, on the blog, will be a dedication to my baby girl and how her life began.

Happy First Birthday my little peanut, you are the most amazing thing to happen to your mama and far. Life has been nothing short of incredible since you entered our world.

P.S. I’m slightly embarrassed to share this video, I was so choked up (desperately wanted a baby girl!) that I could hardly speak. Please ignore my extreme nervousness (and dorkiness!). :)

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