Twenty Months

Growing / Her weight has seemed to slow a bit, I understand this is typical around this age. However her feet are growing quickly, we are already moving up to a size 4.5 (and we just bought the size 4 a few months back!). From what I’ve been told, her feet are flattening from the walking, increasing her size. Her hair is growing rapidly as well, soon I’ll actually be able to give it some style!

Eating / She is pretty consistent in this category, still loves to eat. She eats non-stop, I carry food with us at all times, as hunger strikes every hour. She still loves all things carb; crackers, bagels, cereal, oatmeal…but she also loves broccoli and she loved, loved the vegan pot pie I made recently.

Speaking / As of yesterday, she started stringing multiple words together, as we sat in the park, she said “bye bus,” “bye people,” and “bye kids” to everyone & thing that passed by. She repeats every word we say like a parrot and continues to add new words to her vocabulary daily, making it tougher and tougher to understand what she is saying.

Learning /To walk! Finally at nineteen months she has taken her first steps and is now cruising all around. She is still quite wobbly at times and falls frequently, but she is gaining confidence and becoming more steady with each day. She is also learning to put on her own coat and sweater, she is so close to succeeding, but she keeps putting it on backwards. She will get it soon enough.

Mastering / Climbing; she has gained so much confidence in the past few weeks, she has suddenly began to climb all over everything. She climbs into the fridge, onto the coffee table, on the dishwasher, every chair and couch in the house…but of course with all this climbing there have been a few more tumbles than usual.

Loving / This probably comes to no surprise, but she is still obsessed with her stuffed animals, there are six in rotation as of now. She is also in love with watching Baby Einstein videos, its literally the only thing she likes to watch and she requests it daily. She still loves to read, we go through so many books a day that we now go to the library once a week and get a handful of new books to keep things fresh.

Loathing /As of recently, she does not enjoy taking baths, I believe she is now hip to the fact that bedtime comes after bath time, so she resists the entire routine in hopes of staying up later.

Laughing / She is such a little charmer and is always making herself and others laugh. Just about anything makes her giggle; dancing, singing, spinning around, playing pretend with her animals…

Playing / She is completely and totally obsessed with stickers. She has a box full of stickers at this point (Dora & Mickey Mouse being her favorite) that she carries around with her everywhere. There are stickers in the bath, in her bed, stuck all over her clothes…there is no escaping stickers in this house!

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First Steps

After months of physical therapy and loads of positive encouragement on our behalf, our little gal has finally taken her first steps! As you all know, this has been a long road for us, so to say we are two happy parents, is an understatement.

Of course we knew she would walk eventually, but since she is well past the “average” walking age, there were times, I admit, I was growing quite concerned. While she is on target with all the other developmental milestones (although I pay little attention to this), it was still difficult to see the other toddlers her age circling laps around her at the park.

Now I can rest at ease knowing she is well on her way to keeping up with the other kids, and for now, I’m going to enjoy the calm before my main form of exercise is chasing after her all day.

And yes, I was bribing her to walk with tortilla chips.

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