Weekend Love


These photos taken by a Russian mother are beyond beautiful.

An interesting read about modern day parenting. Can’t say I agree with it all, but worth a read for a little chuckle.

With our kitchen being gutted, I’m in full grill mode. I’m dying to make this Grilled Peach recipe.

I’m loving this new blog by Jessica Kraus (of House of Habit) and company, The Ma Books

I’ve been searching high and low for an affordable Sputnik light for our bedroom, thus far I’m still dreaming of owning this Jonathan Adler chandelier.

Lastly, my kick ass Instagram buddy, Amanda Tyler protested against IG for deleting accounts of women breastfeeding. Her story made the front cover of the SF Chronicle. Pretty kick ass if I do say so myself.

Sorry things continue to be quiet around here, but this kitchen remodel is keeping me quite busy. Hopefully I can post photos of the progress soon. Have a lovely weekend.

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