How We Wear It: Kate Plus Two

I am blessed to have a group of truly amazing and talented women in my life, many of whom are now mothers.  I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight these wonderful women by introducing a monthly feature in my blog.  Starting off the series is my beautiful friend Kate and her two adorable daughters.  I do hope you enjoy meeting these wonderful families.


Please meet Kate, Evie and Iris


What’s keeping you busy lately?

The warm weather has been keeping us outdoors.  We spend a lot of time at the beach and parks.  There is a small zoo at a park nearby that the girls love to go to.  They have small animals the girls love holding – particularly the bunnies and guinea pigs.  There is also a great farm down the street that we enjoy visiting.  Every season they have different activities, for spring it’s strawberry tours.  I look forward to taking them soon.  Tomorrow we are going to a butterfly house at our local environmental nature center.  The girls are going to be over the moon with excitement.  I can’t wait to see their faces.

What’s the latest with your little ones?

Evie, my eldest, is talking up a storm.  She is absolutely hilarious.  Her favorite saying lately is, “two more minutes.”  She is quite the negotiator. She is a kid that is full of joy, and when you get her giggling she snorts.  When you throw her in the air she always wants more.  She will be three next month and she is VERY excited about her party.  She already has a list of who she wants to invite and continuously reminds me her birthday is in June (and that Grandpa and Grandma are coming).  On Mother’s Day she told me (with no prompting from papa) that she thought my dress was very pretty.  I told her “thank you” and she responded “you’re welcome, mama.”  So precious.  It’s crazy to me how grown-up & thoughtful she has become.  It’s hard not to see her as a jolly chubby baby.  Iris will be a 1 1/2 in May and I still can’t believe that she is a toddler.  She seems to get taller by the minute.  She is very chatty as well, but we can’t understand most of what she is saying yet.  It’s adorable to see how confident she is with her words though.  She wants to do everything her sister does and as a result is growing up way too fast.  She climbs the highest ladder at the park and wants to go down the biggest slide.  She also is in love with the ocean.  She plays in the waves and has no fear.  Animals and nature are definitely her passion.   She’s always preferred napping outside and her first words have all been animal names.  She squeals with excitement when she sees pretty much any creature.  She loves to snuggle and be close to others, a special treat.

What do you wish you could accomplish that you never seem to get done?

Oh boy, there are so many things.  The one thing I hope to get back to doing is making my own yogurt and nut milks.  When it was just Evie and me home during the day or even when Iris was little, I was very good about making yogurt once a week and almond or pistachio milk twice a week.  Both taste so much better than store bought and are very easy to make.  It’s just takes fitting it into the routine of the week.

How would you describe your fashion style?  Would you say it differs from pre-baby?

My goal is always to look good, but avoid appearing contrived.  Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Miranda Kerr, Edie Sedgwick, Marianne Faithfull, and Jane Birkin, are a handful of beauties I think have mastered looking effortlessly cool. Their style has a huge influence on my personal aesthetic. I don’t think my style has changed much post baby, however I do think there was a shift somewhere in my late 20’s.  I loved all things edgy in my youth.  No skirt was too short, no top too torn.  I’ve moved away from that.  You are welcome world!

Is Motherhood what you thought it would be?

Everything about being a mom has blown my mind.  It is amazing.  There are days that I feel like the luckiest lady and then there are other days that I wonder what the heck I’m doing.  Being a mom is extremely humbling, so when I have hard days it’s easy to look back on my professional career and think “I used to be respected & important (sigh) those were the days”.   Most of the time I do my best to put it all into perspective.  They are only little once, they are only going to need my undivided attention for such a short time, and then soon enough they will be independent little people (hopefully) functioning in the world.  I’m sure I will miss all of the little things I currently find difficult on a day-to-day basis.  Seeing the girls smile, playing together, giggling, discovering a new skill, or sleeping peacefully are things that make it totally worth it.  It’s a feeling I never knew existed before I had kids.  Complete and undying love.  I’m hooked, for sure.



 On Kate: Top, Ana Seff for Anthropologie -Jeans, Lux-Shoes, Shoe Mint-Sunglasses, Toms

On Evie: Dress, Crewcuts-Minnetonka Moccasins

On Iris: Dress, Elephantito-Minnetonka Moccasins

Photos done by Kate’s lovely and talented sister Jenni Wilson.  Thank you so much Kate and family for the awesome photos!  XOXO


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