Day in the Bay: Daddy Daughter Time


The last two weeks have been somewhat challenging and very disheartening.  My husband has been working insane hours preparing for a launch at work and in return we have spent very little time together as a family.  In fact these pictures capture the few hours we’ve had together in almost three weeks.  Sadly he has been working late into the night (well past Berlin’s bedtime) and going back into the office over the weekends.

Of course this is hard on me, I miss my husband and our companionship, but I feel especially heartbroken for both Ryan and Berlin.  I can only imagine the disappointment Ryan must feel when days go by without having spent anytime with his daughter.  In fact the only time he’s had with her are stolen moments late at night when he sneaks in her room, kisses and tells her he loves her.  Although Berlin is only ten months old I know she understands dad is missing.  She is quite in tune and looks to the door daily at 7 PM to see if dad will be walking in to greet her, then in the mornings is eagerly looking over my shoulder to see if he will be coming in behind me to get her dressed and ready for the day.  It saddens me that she doesn’t get as much time with her dad as needed and that he misses out on so much of her growing up.  In fact the lifestyle and work ethic we as Americans have adopted saddens me in general.

Why is it that the US is so antiquated and behind the curve when it comes to understanding the benefit of co-parenting and sharing the responsibility of raising the children?  In our neighboring country, the Canadians are given a 37 week parental leave option and up to one year job protection for mothers.  While Sweden is the most progressive country, offering 480 days of leave for the parents to share at 80% of their salary and can be taken anytime before the child is eight years of age.

What little emphasizes is placed on the family as a unit in our society today is rather frustrating,  but until things change I just have to be thankful that Ryan does have a good job that allows me to stay home and take part in Berlin’s upbringing and that we still have (most) all weekends together.  But who knows, perhaps we will pack up and go live with Ryan’s family in Denmark for baby number two-I better be careful what I wish for, Ryan would jump at the chance!




As you can probably tell from the photos (and the multiple layer of clothes) this was not your typical summer day at the beach.  Summers in San Francisco are quite unpredictable and its rare to enjoy a hot day at the beach.  It was actually beautiful in our neighborhood that day so we thought it would be a great idea to head for the ocean-boy were we wrong!  It was freezing cold and windy-not so ideal for a picnic at the beach, but regardless it was a wonderful few hours!


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