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Sadly it was difficult to get any good photos of Berlin, not only does she dart around at lightening speed, but within the last couple of weeks, she has suddenly grown fearful of all things “unfamiliar,” Halloween decor being one of them. I have never seen as scared as I did when we walked into the party store with all the Halloween paraphernalia, she nearly lost her mind in crippling fear. So needless to say, Halloween trick or treating is going to be interesting-if it happens at all.

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Tearful Pumpkin Patch



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For so many reasons Berlin hasn’t been the happiest camper lately, let’s just say a combination of lack of sleep, teething and overall developmental changes are making her more fussy and clingy than her average self. Ryan and I were all hyped to take her to her first pumpkin patch and share the same memories with her as we experienced growing up, but it turned out to be more tears than cheers.

As it turns out, Berlin is a bit more skittish than we expected when it comes to all things holiday. She lost it when we sat her by the ghost at the pumpkin patch and last week at Home Depot she broke into tears as I rounded the corner to the Christmas aisle (who knew angels were scary!). I’m assuming this fear is simply a phase. We shall see how trick or treating goes, she may not survive all the ghosts and goblins of Halloween night!


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