Twenty-Six Months

Growing / Her feet seem to grow the quickest of her little body. I swear she outgrows her shoes monthly. Her waist is still teeny tiny, but now she has a little pudgy belly. She has the longest fingers I ever did see on a child, and her fingernails grow like weeds.

Eating / She is a real tyrant in the food department lately. All things she once enjoyed (or shall I say, all healthy things) she no longer likes. I feel like a short order cook, constantly trying to find something that will please her. She is obsessed with yogurt packs (which I’ve recently banned) and is back to drinking kefir at bedtime. She insists on always having the whole piece of anything, for instance, she must have an entire Cliff bar (and out of the wrapper). If I dare break off a piece and hand it to her, she has a meltdown, same with leaving it half wrapped in the wrapper.

Speaking / Her speech never ceases to amaze me. She literally pops up from bed when she wakes and starts telling me stories, either about what she did the day before or what she would like to do that day. She enjoys telling me what she “likes” and what she “loves.” “I like this song mama,” or “I love bunny.”

Learning / She is working on walking up and down stairs. She can do so if there is a handle to hold onto, if not she will resort to crawling instead. She is learning to put on her shoes and take on and off her pants. She has become very good at putting away her own clothes and shoes (sometimes not in the right bins, but close), and she is learning to put away her toys (this skill however, is less desirable to her).

Mastering / She has mastered getting into the pantry and retrieving her own food. She knows where we keep all the goodies and helps herself to a treat (mostly crackers or raisins ). She is sadly mastering the art of tantrums. She is definitely evolving into her terrible two’s and has sudden meltdowns over the slightest things (I believe the behavior is mostly due to extreme tiredness though, the girl won’t nap!).

Loving / She is in love with her blankie, it used to be a plush owl blankie and now its a pink monkey blankie. When she asks for her blankie, paci and bunny, we know its time for bed. She thoroughly loves shutting all the doors in the house and turning on all the lamps.

Loathing / She is terribly afraid of the dark suddenly, she now sleeps with a nightlight that stays on throughout the night and a turtle that illuminates stars on the ceiling. She also requests the hall light to be on and the door left open when she goes to sleep at night. She is still loathing nap time. I put her down every afternoon, and at best, she sleeps 2-3 times each week.

Laughing / Rough housing really gets her going, she loves being thrown on the bed or up in the air, or playing horse on Far’s back. She also finds it quite funny when Ryan and I kiss. She giggles each time we lay one on each other, its really quite cute.

Playing / She loves singing lullabies and dancing around the room. She sings her alphabet frequently and does a mash up of all the lullabies into one (its pretty inventive I must say). She enjoys playing with Playdough and making animal shapes with cookie cutters, and playing with watercolor and paints. She loves doing toddler yoga, we have a great book entitled “Toddler Moves” that she just loves following along with.

Ok, so I missed a month, but I landed this one on her twenty-sixth birthday. That must count for something. :)

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Twenty-Four Months

Growing / At her two year visit she was steadily going up on the charts, reaching almost thirty percent in weight (amazing, considering her slow weight gain!). Her feet are growing way too quickly (just cleaned out her shoe bin recently, she has little shoes left) and her hair is out of control. I would chop it myself, but I know its grounds for divorce if I do.

Eating / She has recently become very picky, I guess this is the norm for toddlers her age. She only wants yogurt, cheese, pancakes, waffles, bagels…I’m sure this is all too familiar for those with toddlers. My once adventurous eater has gone rogue on me.

Speaking / Like usual, I’m stunned by her vocabulary. She mimics everything I say-verbatim, and remembers (and repeats) everything. She is up to six word sentences, one of her favorite being “no mama music, only Beno music.” If you don’t recall, she refers to herself as “Beno.” Her other favorite sayings are “no nappy time,” “I like this one,” and “how about this one mama.”

Learning / She is learning to run (faster) and steadily climb over and on top of things (she is still a bit delayed in this area as she walked so late). She is still working on getting her clothes on and off. She can remove most all her clothes, but has a harder time putting them on, but she continues to try.

Mastering / She has mastered the art of not napping. Its been almost two months now that she has been fighting naps. One might give up at that point, but I’m adamant that she will nap again! She has mastered the word “no.” She used to just have a whiny “nooo,” but now its a very forceful “NO!”

Loving / She loves removing her diaper. When I put her down for naptime, the first thing she does is remove her diaper (sometimes soiled with you know what). She also enjoys taking off all her other clothes, no matter where we are. She recently removed her clothes at the grocery store, much to my surprise. Her new favorite activity (since the kitchen was remodeled) is to run around in circles around the island. I think its safe to say, she is enjoying our new kitchen.

Loathing / Naptime. Bathtime. Getting dressed. Changing her diaper. Wearing a diaper. Being told no.

Laughing / Nothing like tickling her or smothering her with kisses to get this girl laughing. She is super silly and it really takes very little to make her laugh.

Playing / Currently she loves playing with her horses, Dr. Suess flashcards, push car she received for her birthday, and her new sandbox (also a gift for her birthday). She still spends the majority of her time reading. We visit the library on a weekly basis, getting new books, and half the time I just end up buying the book as she loves it so.

Sadly I missed the twenty-third month, but life has been busy lately. Hopefully I’ll remain on track go forward.

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Twenty-One Months

Growing / We recently attended our 21 month well visit and Berlin has finally hit the charts for weight! This is monumental, she has been below the charts since I can remember and she was at the thirtieth percentile this visit-yahoo! Her non-stop eating finally paid off!

Eating / She is a great eater, she will eat just about anything I serve her, but always on her own timeline. She insists on carrying around her bowl of food while playing around the house, never wanting to sit in her high chair for more than a few minutes. But I can’t say I blame her, I’m exactly the same way, eat & run.

Speaking / She is a total parrot, mimicking every word we say. She literally repeats every word that comes out of anyone’s mouth, so we always have to be mindful of the words we chose. She has an incredible vocabulary and says numerous two word sentences, her favorite being potty jokes; “hippo toots” or “hippo poops.”

Learning / She is learning to feed herself, properly that is. I blame myself for not allowing her to practice more, but she hasn’t been so good with the utensils. Recently I finally relinquished control, and she is nailing it. She attempts to put on her socks and shoes, although she hasn’t succeeded just yet.

Mastering / Walking. It took no time, and once she was up, she was off to the races. She is incredibly steady on her feet, falls very little, and is trying to run already.

Loving / She is happy as can be simply walking around the neighborhood. She no longer wants to go to the park or really “play,” yet is perfectly content just walking around for hours (too bad the hill getting to our house is a monster! I’m really getting my workout in).

Loathing /She detests getting her diaper changed, screams bloody murder every time we lay her down. She is not a fan of napping these days, especially on the weekends when Far is home (she wants to spend every second playing with her Pops) and she refuses to wear a hat-making time spent outside tough in this crazy heat.

Laughing / It doesn’t take much to make this gal burst out in laughter, usually a little potty humor does the trick (notice a trend here). She also finds it hilarious when we pretend to smell her dirty feet or chase her around the house.

Playing / Her favorite at the playground is the sandbox, she can spend hours in the sandbox or on the beach digging holes and filling her bucket. She loves music (as you can see) and insists on playing her favorites every time we get in the car, lately its been “Wheels on the Bus.” If I never hear this song again I would be one happy camper…

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Twenty Months

Growing / Her weight has seemed to slow a bit, I understand this is typical around this age. However her feet are growing quickly, we are already moving up to a size 4.5 (and we just bought the size 4 a few months back!). From what I’ve been told, her feet are flattening from the walking, increasing her size. Her hair is growing rapidly as well, soon I’ll actually be able to give it some style!

Eating / She is pretty consistent in this category, still loves to eat. She eats non-stop, I carry food with us at all times, as hunger strikes every hour. She still loves all things carb; crackers, bagels, cereal, oatmeal…but she also loves broccoli and she loved, loved the vegan pot pie I made recently.

Speaking / As of yesterday, she started stringing multiple words together, as we sat in the park, she said “bye bus,” “bye people,” and “bye kids” to everyone & thing that passed by. She repeats every word we say like a parrot and continues to add new words to her vocabulary daily, making it tougher and tougher to understand what she is saying.

Learning /To walk! Finally at nineteen months she has taken her first steps and is now cruising all around. She is still quite wobbly at times and falls frequently, but she is gaining confidence and becoming more steady with each day. She is also learning to put on her own coat and sweater, she is so close to succeeding, but she keeps putting it on backwards. She will get it soon enough.

Mastering / Climbing; she has gained so much confidence in the past few weeks, she has suddenly began to climb all over everything. She climbs into the fridge, onto the coffee table, on the dishwasher, every chair and couch in the house…but of course with all this climbing there have been a few more tumbles than usual.

Loving / This probably comes to no surprise, but she is still obsessed with her stuffed animals, there are six in rotation as of now. She is also in love with watching Baby Einstein videos, its literally the only thing she likes to watch and she requests it daily. She still loves to read, we go through so many books a day that we now go to the library once a week and get a handful of new books to keep things fresh.

Loathing /As of recently, she does not enjoy taking baths, I believe she is now hip to the fact that bedtime comes after bath time, so she resists the entire routine in hopes of staying up later.

Laughing / She is such a little charmer and is always making herself and others laugh. Just about anything makes her giggle; dancing, singing, spinning around, playing pretend with her animals…

Playing / She is completely and totally obsessed with stickers. She has a box full of stickers at this point (Dora & Mickey Mouse being her favorite) that she carries around with her everywhere. There are stickers in the bath, in her bed, stuck all over her clothes…there is no escaping stickers in this house!

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Nineteen Months

Growing / She seems much taller these days, however it might be that she is standing more often (rather than scooting on her bum all the time). She finally weighted in at 20 lbs our last checkup-but feels much heavier on achy back.

Eating / Still a great eater. Her favs lately consist of all things Thai; pad thai, fried rice, coconut noodle soup…and she’s still loving the Mexican food, can’t get enough of the burrito action. Ryan accidentally (well he says so at least) bought some peanut butter cereal puffs that she is in love with, but who doesn’t love some sugar filled puffs?!

Speaking / The girl can talk! She talks and talks, saying sentence like structures (not sure what she is saying), but she is definitely  carrying on a conversation. Although her sentences are not understandable, her single words are very clear and well spoken. Her words of the moment include; why, outside, car, bus, park and still loves to say “uh-oh.” Then there is her new recent word, her first curse word; “puck. Mama has to watch her language.

Learning / She is slowly but surely learning how to take her first steps. She is so close, but lacking the confidence to just let go and go for it. Soon I tell ya, soon!

Mastering / Temper tantrums. She is generally a happy, easy going child, but suddenly she throws herself on the floor in a fit of rage over the smallest thing (like me given her a broken cracker, she always wants a full cracker, and one for each hand).

Loving / For all of those that follow my Instagram, you know she is obsessed with her stuffed animals. She has four different ones that are in the rotation (bunny, lion, kitty and a cow), however kitty is always in the mix, he’s her number one. She is still loving her toddler chair, however she now enjoys pushing her animals around the house in the chair, more than sitting in it. She loves mimicking me do housework (no complaints here!), her favorite is helping me sweep with her mini broom.

Loathing / She hates sleeping lately, especially napping. She has always been great at going to bed (not so much staying asleep) but never fussed when we put her down and always took great naps-never had a problem with naps. Suddenly she fights us every step of the way. She knows her sleep routine, so even bath time (her fav) erupts in a fight as she knows the end result is bedtime. It can take me up to 2 hours to get her down for a nap these days (total waste of a good day), but I keep trying as I know the consequences if she doesn’t sleep. Then she will often scream for an hour or two at night then eventually pass out from exhaustion. Overall its a real hoot of a time.

Laughing / She’s a total goof, always laughing or mock laughing at everything (she loves to pretend laugh and throw her head back with this silly, toothy laugh).

Playing / In the past few weeks she has not been into so much of “play” but things that involve deep concentration or observation. Where as she would normally be climbing up and down the gym at the playground, she now is content to sit back and observe the other kids for long periods of time. At home, rather than play with her toys she would rather read book after book or carefully line up all her stuffed animals one by one then move again to another location and start all over again.


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Eighteen Months

Growing / Berlin appears to be much taller, however I won’t officially know until her 18 month visit next week. Its pretty safe to say she is most likely still very underweight however (what can you do?!). She is still wearing mostly 12 month clothing (so tiny I tell you!) and we just recently fit her for size 4 shoes-at least the feet are growing!

Eating / She is still a pretty hearty eater for the most part. Not loving a lot of veggies still, but if you catch her in the right mood, she will eat pretty much anything. She still loves yogurt, oatmeal, string cheese, broccoli, raspberries and bananas. Recently she has been really into rice and crackers (when I allow them).

Speaking / She is still an extraordinary communicator. Her vocabulary expands daily, but sadly I’m not always able to understand her. We discovered recently that she was saying “shoes” and it took me awhile to realize that “mit” meant milk. She has stopped using sign language for the most part and has replaced her signs with words-its just taking me awhile to catch on…Her favorite word however is still “uh-oh!”

Learning / She is still learning to use a fork and spoon-without spilling her meal. Learning how to get around the house on her walker, she is very good at walking with it, but not so much when it comes to maneuvering around obstacles, then she just whines until we come to her rescue. She is currently learning to swim. We have her in weekly swim classes and she is the star pupil, a natural (just like her dad).

Mastering / She is sadly a master at the iPad. She knows how to navigate the apps, taking her to Netflix to watch a video or YouTube to watch Baby Einstein. Recently we updated my phone and cleared all the pictures on it, let me tell you, that didn’t make her very happy. She was beyond frustrated when she discovered there were no longer videos to watch of herself on my phone! Much to our dismay, she has mastered the art of getting us out of bed in the middle of the night. She used to just fuss for a bit in the wee hours of the night, but now she hangs onto the edge of her crib screaming until we go in the room, then instantly stops crying when we enter and points to her books-like its story time. We have attempted letting her scream it out, but she always wins.

Loving / She’s in love with this little toddler chair we got her recently. She just sits in the chair and reads and reads (its quite nice actually). She has found a new affinity towards all her old baby toys lately. She drags these old toys around with her everywhere she goes, I often find them stuffed in my purse when we leave the house (she is quite sneaky-and funny). She is also absolutely obsessed with the running shower pounding her in the face, she thinks its hilarious.

Loathing / She loathes any pre-made food. Anytime I try to sneak in a food packet or pre-made toddler meal, she shoves it away (so much for ever getting a break from cooking!).

Laughing / She gets incredibly excited every time the door bell rings, laughing and squealing with joy. She finds pure joy in being tossed up in the air, especially while in the pool.

Playing / She is still really into her Legos.  We recently bought her farm animal Legos which has deepened her love for them further. She is loving her walker, alway collecting things along the way and filling it up until things are spilling over as she walks. She is also still very content playing in the cupboards or the fridge, loves removing all the condiments from the fridge-and sometimes putting them back (probably not helping our electric bill much).


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Sixteen Months

Growing / She’s finally filling out (a wee bit). She has a tiny little pot belly and absolutely is getting taller. I would bet she must weigh 20 lbs now-finally! She has outgrown her infant car seat, but we have been too lazy to buy a new one, so in the meantime we keep taking off her layers and stuffing her in the seat (sounds safe huh?).

Eating / She’s still a great eater. She will eat almost anything, minus some veggies (sadly). She loves yogurt, or “baby” as she calls it for Yo Baby yogurt. She is obsessed with eating my cereal. I can’t even pull out the box without her having a total panic attack. She’s also in love with bread, we try not to have it around or she won’t eat anything else. She has multiple melt downs in the grocery store because she wants everything she sees, especially when we reach the hot meal section of Whole Foods, she goes ballistic pointing to everything in sight.

Speaking / She impresses me daily with her language and comprehension skills. It utterly amazes me that she understands everything I’m saying. If I ask her to “please share,” she picks up a toy and hands it to another child and if I ask her for a specific book she retrieves it. She communicates very well to me, letting me know when she is hungry, thirsty, needs her diaper changed…if she doesn’t have a word for it (or I don’t understand) she will use sign language instead.

Learning / To get herself dressed. She is getting better at putting on her own jacket (and trying to put on her shoes and socks). She is learning how to cruise-this has been an incredibly slow experience, mainly to do with confidence.

Mastering / Climbing all over everything. Her new favorite is to climb on top of the coffee table when I leave the room. She is mastering the art of humor. She knows what to say and how to perform to make a room burst out in constant laughter.

Loving / Loves making funny faces (usually to get a chuckle), loves banging on the keyboard-sending nonsensical emails from my laptop, loves destroying everything in her path (I swear I spend half the day cleaning up after her!) and still loves to nurse-much to my disamay.

Loathing / Not much has changed in this category; still hates being in the car, hates getting dressed and despises diaper time-including going number deuce. Also hates sitting still; stroller or high chair time are always challenging. Recently she does not like elevators, she breaks out in tears if someone joins us on the elevator. Then sadly for me, she no longer enjoys going to the gym daycare-big, huge bummer!

Laughing / She is a bowl full of laughs lately. As I said earlier she loves entertaining and making herself and others laugh. She bursts into laughter each time she touches my mouth, nose or belly and each time we toss her in the air or chase her across the room. She also finds the words “potty” or “poopy” very comical (guess you are never too young to find joys in these words).

Playing / Recently she loves playing on the furniture. She constantly wants to be sitting either on the couch, chair or coffee table. As of late we have been removing all the cushions and building a fort type of environment for her so she can safely crawl around the furniture. She enjoys playing with her flashcards and books (always) and is recently obsessed with the Christmas ornaments.

Above is Berlin’s first time on the Merry-go-Round the other week. Its out of this world to hear my little girl saying “mama, mama” to me, still pulls at my heart strings!


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