Lake Anna: Part Two









Finally part two of our vacation series-its been a crazy couple of weeks!

Above are just a few of my family members (I come from quite a large family!); some siblings, parents, a niece and nephew and two brother-in-laws…

Virginia was awesome, but in all honesty its not easy attending a wedding with a 10 month old.  Especially when one parent is in the wedding, the other is DJ’ing, and you’re dealing with a fussy, overtired baby.  I could really use a vacation from my vacation-unfortunately for us our next trip is another wedding in Oregon.

Special thanks to Guru Khalsa for the first photo of the bride and groom.  He did an amazing job at capturing the whole week, I can’t wait to see more.



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Lake Anna: Part One









We survived our first vacation with baby in tow; five hour flight, limited naps, late nights and Berlin was a trooper throughout it all.  She was an absolute gem on the plane ride, nothing but smiles the entire flight.  Several passengers actually commented on what a good baby she was, stating she had “won some fans.”  Yay for baby, I’m so very proud of her!

We traveled to Lake Anna in Virginia for my youngest sister’s wedding.  The area was absolutely beautiful-picturesque really, incredibly green, well manicured and no bums-yep this is noteworthy when you are coming from San Francisco!  I could have taken a million pictures, but the time just flew by and before I knew it our time was up-as it always is on vacations.  However I did get some great shots of the family-and that was the best part, of course.  It was the first time we have had so much of our family together in one place, an aunt & uncle I haven’t seen in over 15 years, all of Berlin’s cousins, Ryan’s younger brother and even (lucky for me) my two best friends.

Above are just a few pictures capturing our day spent on the lake and of the rehearsal dinner (which included a mammoth crab feast).  The two boys {men} in the photos are Berlin’s uncles-one from each side of the family.  Photos from the beautiful wedding will soon follow.


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