How We Wear It: Berlin Goes Flamingo




Denim Jacket, Levi’s-Playsuit, Zara-Shoes, Vans

Berlin turned eleven months a few days ago, its unbelievable that she is almost a year old already!  It’s funny, but in my mind I pictured her running around, talking, and {basically} being a little adult all by the age of one.  I guess this is reality for some one year olds, but for my little Berlin this is not so true.

She is still resisting the whole crawling thing.  She scoots on her booty and pushes herself around backwards while on her belly, but refuses to get up on all fours.  She recently learned to sit herself up while in crawl position by hunching on her back legs like a frog and sitting back up. She does this every time I put her on her belly, basically refusing to crawl.  Let’s just call her stubborn.

In other news, Berlin (finally) got her first tooth last week-woot woot!  She was a bit fussy and would do this weird moan during the middle of the night (poor thing), but all in all she was a trooper.  Now only 19 more to go!

BTW-Zara is having their end of season sale right now, so if you love their baby clothes like I do, get on over!

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